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Our Mission

REIGN Lab envisions a world where humans have more freedom and independence to engage in activities of daily living after neurological injuries with motor impairment. 

We believe that this vision can be achieved by filling knowledge gaps in basic neuroscience on human motor functions and translating the resultant scientific findings to advance neurorehabilitation and physical therapy following neurological impairments. We also believe that the vision can be achieved by generating the environment where people with a variety of scientific background collaborate together. Furthermore, we envision a Laboratory where postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students grow as the next generation of productive scientists and are educated to build their careers by performing research projects. 

To help achieve this vision, we strive to:
(1)   understand how the unimpaired and impaired central nervous systems of humans coordinate movement in redundant musculature;
(2)   develop novel and effective neurorehabilitation strategies and technologies by using neural, muscular and sensory feedback through collaborative work with local, national, and international scientists and engineers; and
(3)   educate postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students by facilitating research projects and training them for a variety of research skills in human motor studies.


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